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Lake Region Cleaning individualizes cleaning services to you and your home or business. Our experience has taught us that every home or business is as unique as the people living or working there.
The price to clean your home or business is based on many factors. Lake Region Cleaning will work hard to give you a price that that will satisfy your requirements and budgetary restrictions.
Begin the process by scheduling a visit from our team.

​Please contact our office via email or phone to get the process started. We will schedule an on-site visit to secure information from you.  A Lake Region Cleaning employee will gather some basic information to help the team member who does the on-site visit prepare for the visit.



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​On-site to determine your needs

A Lake Region Cleaning employee will meet with you at your location. They will go through your desired work scope and complete some paperwork that will help us with estimating your desired cleaning service.  It is important to provide, in as much detail as possible, what services you feel you would like.  If you have an idea about the frequency, this should be discussed as well.  The Lake Region Cleaning personnel who does the on-site visit will also go through some of our policies.  These include everything from reporting breakage to a cancellation by the customer at the last minute. 

After the Initial visit a Lake Region Cleaning manager will call to go through the estimate. This is just a quick guess to help you determine if you would like to go forward with our cleaning service.

cleaning service initial visit  Naples Harrison casco windham bridgton raymond long lake sebago lake maine
Cleaning Service Initial Clean  Naples Harrison casco windham bridgton raymond long lake sebago lake maine
​A deep cleaning to determine what the rate will be


​After a client has decided to go forward with an initial cleaning, an employee will determine the time frame required and schedule this visit.  This visit will be billed at an hourly rate because it is impossible to determine what state the premises is in before we do a thorough cleaning.  If there are areas that you would not like cleaned, we can accommodate. This cleaning will be the most expensive, because it is the most thorough.  After this cleaning, the staff will be able to give you a better estimate on how much future cleanings will cost.  Additional cleaning may be required at the hourly rate before a flat rate can be determined.

To help everyone fix their costs


Lake Region Cleaning realizes everyone has a budget to adhere to, so we prefer to flat rate jobs.  After a work scope has been determined and the initial cleanings have been completed, a flat rate will be provided to the client. The flat rate will be specific to the work scope and the frequency of the cleaning. If the frequency is made into longer intervals, the rate will of course go up. If the scope of cleaning increases, the rate will again go up. The same works for changes in the opposite manner to decrease the rate.

Lake Region Cleaning will make every attempt to make the flat rate work for you.  In many cases, the work scope or frequency must be changed to accommodate a client's budgetary constraints.

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