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4.  Will all visits cost the same amount?

The first cleaning visit (Deep Clean) usually costs more than subsuquent visits.  Generally, it takes additional cleaning tasks for our cleaners to get the home up to Lake Region Cleaning standards.  This can range from cleaning registers to simply cleaning areas that are out of normal viewing area.  The first visit will always be the most costly, as it is the most lengthy.  We bill this at an hourly rate.  Subsequent visits will not be as lengthy, but will be billed at the hourly rate as well.  This will be to fine tune what the flat rate will be.  Once the work scope and frequency of cleaning are definded and established, cleaning services will be billed at a flat rate.  If the frequency and / or work scope changes, the flat rate may change.  In addition, if a break from the the cleaning occurs, then we would revert back to the hourly rate until regular cleanings can be resumed.

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