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11.  Payment Questions

a. How shall I pay for the cleaning service?

At the present time, Lake Region Cleaning is able to accept cash and checks.  An invoice will be generated by Lake Region Cleaning for each cleaning event.  The only time that this is not the case is when a special deal has been entered regarding regularly scheuled cleaning events.  In this case, the billing will be as specified in the contract.


In the near future, we expect to be able to recieve payment via credit card and paypal.

b.  Am I able to prepay for the service?

Prepayment is of course acceptable.  In most cases, regularly scheduled cleaning events are a billed at a pre-agreeded upon flat rate.  The first few cleaning events are billed on an hourly basis, until it can be established what the scope of the cleaning job will truly entail.  In this case a prepayment will be a credit to the customers account.  When the cleaning is complete, an invoice will be generated and will detail the payment  and the remaining balance on the account.

c.  Is there a discount for prepayment?


A prepayment for a regularly scheuled cleaning will in some cases allow for a discount.  A discount will be afforded when a prepayment is made for a period of time 3 months or longer.  In addition, a bi-weekly cleaning is the minimum regularity that the discount will be afforded.  Please contact Jessica Belanger at Lake Region Cleaning for additional information and details.

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